Food and wine

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Food is a quintessential part of life in Umbria and the magnitude of choices available often leaves visitors crying out for more. Day to day life is often interrupted by festivals celebrating seasonal produce.

For people in search of fresh produce, there is a local market on every day of the week and early morning risers will be well rewarded. The Umbertide Market on Wednesday mornings is one of our favourites and no visitor to Umbria should miss the delicious porchetta. This roast suckling pig, seasoned with sage or rosemary and fennel and plenty of salt and pepper is served warm in fresh bread rolls is classic Italian fast food. Also available in abundance are the fresh pecorino cheeses, wild porcini mushrooms, local cured meats and vegetables. The atmosphere is fantastic and it is always busy throughout the year, a sure sign of quality.

Umbria is famous for its truffles and olive oils and it produces the highest percentage of extra virgin olive oil in Italy and almost 80 percent of black truffles found in Italy. The quality of the oils has to be tasted to be believed and an oil produced by Lungarotti winery in Umbria recently won best oil in the world. When in season, truffles are incorporated into everything from omlettes to pasta, salads and meat dishes. While nearby Lake Trasimeno yields fresh water fish, Umbria is meat eating territory and game features strongly on all menus with various birds, hare and wild boar being staples.

Norcia CingaleUmbria is also famous for the tiny lentils from Castelluccio and the pork products from the southern town of Norcia, norcino has come to mean ‘pork butcher’, so famous are the salami, sausages and hams produced here. Salsiccia di cinghiale (wild boar sausages) and stringozzi pasta are other delicacies worth sampling. We can recommend a large variety of great restaurants in our local area that show the finest of Umbrian food.